Staying at home mom & wife is a
24-hour job, it is not easy to balance your life and your work,
especially being the two young children mom. I know that i have to do
something for me in order to be “the best mom as i could be” and
also look for something for myself that  i could enjoy and allow me
to be creative and share my interests. I am so glad that I could find
a space to share my products and services.

4Rcom is a  home-based handmade
accessories studio. We are very experienced in jewelry design field.
We are passionate about getting inspiration of  interior, fashion
design worldwide.  The colourful fabric & different kind of
texture stimulate us to make memorable,  delicate and statement
jewelry and home decor for our customers.   Now, we are focusing on
designing  fun, functional, fashionable and chic handmade jewelry
accessories to strongly reflect individual's lifestyle, taste and